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    1. Bitrina Kirway - October 5, 2017 at 4:17 pm

      Very good, well done! All of us need to be aware that each child has a potential as God has given it freely. We need to honor and nurture.

    2. Such a story..inspiration …

    3. A great piece a great article

    4. I lack words to describe it. Great piece.

    5. heh, I had to watch again….Thumbs up

    6. A very inspiring production. one of a kind.kudos

    7. zahra Mohammed - October 5, 2017 at 6:41 pm

      wow.did i just see you guys using a drone ..story well told.

    8. as a society we have a huge role to play. i am encouraged and inspired at the same time. I love your wednesday feature

    9. Congrats,excellent coverage

    10. One of a kind story.
      For sure Children need care and given opportunities their future is bright

    11. WOW WOW jus the thought of producing this is a master piece…i love the execution..God bless you big time guys..i love every bit and its so speaking to me personally…thank you family for such

    12. The best one…kudos

    13. Almost brought me to tears…So touching. Amazing piece Eric. Hats off.

    14. Amazing story Eric keep up

    15. Wow….learned alot.every one deserves a chance n dont b too quick to judge till u hear the whole story….excellent work Erick

    16. Very good piece, a story well told. Great production and directing.
      My prayer is the good work at Shangilia continues. God bless.

    17. Love it. I thank God there are some people who care about the society and the ”less-fortunate”. God bless you all.
      Nice shooting. Sound engineer take it over!!!!

    18. awesome…..drone shot imewezaaa

    19. Have learn something from this. This is just awesome

    20. Awesome piece my brother. Lots of insights. Keep up the good work

    21. Good one bro. Kudos

    22. I am encouraged by the level of boldness ,outright and comprehensive coverage of this program. Not biased at all.
      This is exactly what our society needs to know. A thumbs up to the production team.

    23. Great work, and bigups for telling the untold stories. Looking forward to more

    24. Creative..!!

    25. Wooow….I really love the production…the peace is really inspiring… God bless you

    26. Master Dickens Sumba - October 9, 2017 at 6:33 am

      soooo inspiring