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    1. Andrew McCallion - March 11, 2019 at 2:23 am

      Hi Maurice and Benta and family it was real nice to see and hear your story its wonderfull how God did all that he has done and still will do .Still looking forward to see what God will do with PennyTuppenceCharity I’m doing very little at present except supporting a little work called gods little angels in Pakistan it’s very small they are threaten all the time the women are not allowed to sell food or work on the streets Christian are not liked and there is no British forgeiners go there because of the dangers but the young girl is only 20 and they look after around maybe 60 and feed them they are also opening up Sunday schools within the city check them out her name is Marry Mirish on face book I’m still very interested in helping where I can with the school in trying to find away we can do something to raise funds both for the ladies and for the children both within the sewing school and what ever else I can do pray God will give me blessing in this area and that he will supply me large funds to come and do great things for his glory alone and that many will learn and grown amen speak soon I hope I had not heard from you in a while and wondered if all was well .Please pray for me that God would sort me out and all that concerns his kingdom I can have the plans and ideas but I do pray that God will make it happen and that we can do much before we go to glory by his grace
      It would be real nice if you could still do that video from the sewing school so I can show it to the possible people I’m trying to deal with to see if they will give us orders for cloths but as I’ve said already we need to start somewhere when we talk through 3 and 4th parties is frustrating waiting on them to do something that’s the hard bit of waiting because you want people to do things in order words take action but they don’t I’m suppose to go and sing at a pastors wedding in May in Ethiopia in Addis Ababa sorry to hear about the awful plane crash and to all the families we pray for them that God would comfort them till we speak again please God bless maranatha