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    1. So glad to see that first ever episode on ADHD in Kenyan TV! Good job bwana George Oraro! For Victoria, kudos for speaking out openly about your diagnosis. I received my ADHD diagnosis at 35 years. This was to me the greatest news I had received in ages, not that an illness is something to celebrate, but getting closure on the my questions I had about my inattention and social challenges gave me eternal peace

      After getting my diagnosis, I left a high flying career in environmental conservation to start mental health advocacy. Today, my organization, PDO Kenya has helped raised awareness, provided FREE therapy and treatment to poor people, prisoners and survivors of Solai dam disaster.

      We are now running a advocacy campaign dubbed #MovingMountains for #MentalHealth. This week, I successfully climbed Mt Kenya, a big mental and physical stamina test. I braved mild depression, chronic lower back pain and a bathroom accident in a hotel in Nanyuki to summit Point Lenana to remind everyone the importance of taking care of our mental health and also prove that a mental illness does not limit one’s ability to achieve their goals in life.

      I agree with Victoria that once you overcome self stigma, ADHD comes with its own advantages. Richard Branson is a living proof that well managed ADHD can give you an edge in life.

      Once again, good job George!