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Family TV is the East and Central Africa’s largest Christian television broadcaster and Kenya's most watched faith channel. We offer 24 hours of faith and inspirational programming that appeal to people in a wide variety of denominations. Our local shows are aired on weekdays at 10.00pm. In case you missed a show no need to worry, you can catch up what you missed in this website.

  • Shake takes you to the world of exciting and accomplished artists who express themselves through song. It is all about hot gospel tunes from around the globeWatch Videos
  • The show hosted by Family Media CEO Mr. Leo Slingerland, looks into arrayed of issues in an analytical and sober manner.Watch Videos
  • Crosstalk brings a clear picture to help our viewers decide on various issues as expert analyses on an array of topics that affect our lives.Watch Videos
  • CEO Leo Slingerland gives viewers a weekly update of the activities taking place each day at Family Media. Watch Videos
  • God wants you to prosper and be in good health in all spheres of your life. Watch Videos
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