Family Health

Family Health is a medical documentary program, based on real facts and statistics that focus on all aspects of health in daily living. The show has three main segments all packaged in documentary format and all containing information that is factual and up to date with current statistics on diseases burden in Kenya.

The program highlights stories of people ailing from debilitating diseases and also focuses on disease manifestation and prevention at the same time.

Seeing that Kenya as a country also has a huge disease burden that comes with countless mishaps, the show also highlights and exposes some medical ills in society as a way of creating awareness and educating the public to be on the lookout and in this regard also make known that every human being regardless of their status has health rights.

Of the three part documentary program is a medical technology segment that seeks to make public medical technologies and innovations in the field of medicine, either upcoming or in existence. The goal is to help eradicate and give hope to patients ailing from various diseases.

A preview of Family Health
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